Iced Tea Steeping Instructions

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We love our tea…especially iced!  At Steeped and Infused we offer a large selection of teas that are delicious served iced.

Iced Tea is a great alternative for sugar filled juices and sodas and also great when used as a base for a tasty and refreshing cocktail…with less calories and full of antioxidants.  You can’t beat that!

Not sure how to make iced tea?  It’s really simple.  Below are two methods; the hot method and the cold method.

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Are Cold Sores Causing You To Want To Hide?

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Don’t let a cold sore keep you from showing the world your beautiful smile!  We learned from a customer that our Holy Healer tea helps make them go away – and fast!!  Make a compression with it and apply to the infected area.  This also works if you can feel it just starting.

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Sneak Preview of Tea of the Month Club

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We’re super excited about our Tea of the Month Club, launching April 15th!

It is a fabulous opportunity for one to explore the world of tea and be introduced to up to 24 blends a year.  Just think, every month you will get a package that has 2 delicious teas for you to try, along with some other goodies.  You’ll have to sign up to find out what they are.

We will be offering 3 different options for sizes, starting from the choice of 2 samplers and up to 2 bags at 75 grams each per month.  You will also be able to select from 2 Collections; Signature Collection and Herbal & Caffeine Free Collection.  Both are amazing and we’re confident that receiving your Tea of Month Club Teas every month will be something to really look forward to. Lastly, you can choose to be a member for a period of 6 months or 12 months.

So if you’re looking to treat yourself or buy that perfect gift for someone, our Tea of the Month Club program is perfect!  Stay tuned more details coming April 15th!

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Hot Flashes and Night Sweats keeping you awake?

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We may have something that will help….and it’s based on customer feedback.  Our Herbs for Women herbal blend is a delicious tea that offers a blend of ingredients that provides gentle hormonal support.  We have always encouraged women in the various stages of life, who are struggling with issues such as PMS, perimenopause and menopause, as well as general feelings of irritability and mood swings to try our Herbs for Women blend and use it as additional support.  It tastes delicious and is great to enjoy in evenings as it is caffeine free.  We have regularly received feedback from women over the last 4 years stating that they have definitely found it to be very helpful with varying symptoms, especially those related to moods, inability to sleep and severity of hot flashes and night sweats.  Well, we wanted to share with you an email that we received from a customer who recently tried it as a tea to drink in the evening to relax with before going to bed and ended up being thrilled with how it helped her hot flashes and night sweats.  Continue reading

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Tea For Kids

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Can kids drink tea?  Absolutely!!  Children have been hosting their very own tea parties for years.  Many children actually do like the taste of black teas and/or green teas and depending on whether they consume any caffeine in their diets or not is purely up to their parents.  FYI, if they drink sodas and eat candy bars, there’s generally more caffeine in those than found in teas and loads of sugar.

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Matcha Tea Latte3

As the cooler weather gently knocks on our doors, we naturally gravitate towards food and beverages that are warm, comforting and soul soothing.  What’s better than curling up with a delicious Rooibos Chocolate Supreme Tea Latte while you are watching your favourite fall TV show?  Or like many of us, you need a kick start in the morning to get going?  Let me suggest a Yerba Mate Vanilla Chai Latte.  This is sure to put a kick in your step…or at least get you out of bed.

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So you think you don’t like Green Tea…..

disgusted baby

Well, we have some news to share… just may learn that you do. 

So often we hear, “I know green tea is good for me but I don’t like it”.  What we usually find out is that many people don’t realize that the reason they don’t like green tea is because they are not properly steeping it.

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What the Heck is Lapacho Bark? Some of our ingredients demystified

Lapacho bark

Hi tea lovers!

Here at Steeped and Infused we have lots of teas with many different ingredients – some of them might be confusing. So here’s a breakdown for some that you may not have heard of before!

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What is your Tea Time?

Tea Time copy

A friend of mine recently shared this beautiful picture with me.  It inspired me to write a post about Tea Time.  Prior to founding Steeped and Infused, it was my daily ritual of tea time that helped me down the path to better health.  I struggled so much with the challenges of Fibromyalgia, that I had to learn new skills when it came to self-care.  Not only was what I was drinking really helping me but my tea time was something I looked forward to.  I drank various teas throughout the day, but my favourite time, and still is to this day, is the evenings prior to going to sleep.  I love taking that 30 – 45 minutes before falling asleep and curling up with my cup of sweet dreams.  I also enjoy the ritual of preparing it.  Some evenings, I make a small pot of it and others I only make a cup but it has to be in one of my favourite cups.  I have two.  One is a turquoise blue steeping mug and the other is a beautiful, colourful handmade tea cup.  I will read a book or watch a TED video (I’m addicted to TED Talks) while sipping on my night time brew.

What is your tea time?  Do you have a particular ritual or a favourite tea cup that you must use?


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The Importance of Sleep

Woman trying to sleep

Most of us at one point in time will struggle with sleep.  For many of us, this has become a normal part of our lives.  So much so, that often we don’t even realize that it is a problem.  Proper sleep is essential to our health and wellbeing.  Lack of sleep weakens our immune system, increases our risk for obesity, developing diabetes, cardiovascular disease and infections.  Our memory and concentration becomes poor and our ability to cope with stress lessens.  We are at a greater risk for depression and anxiety.  When we are sleeping our body heals and repairs itself and our hormone production is regulated.  When we sleep we feel good about life and are HAPPY!  These are just a few reasons why good sleep is absolutely necessary.
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