Sneak Preview of Tea of the Month Club

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We’re super excited about our Tea of the Month Club, launching April 15th!

It is a fabulous opportunity for one to explore the world of tea and be introduced to up to 24 blends a year.  Just think, every month you will get a package that has 2 delicious teas for you to try, along with some other goodies.  You’ll have to sign up to find out what they are.

We will be offering 3 different options for sizes, starting from the choice of 2 samplers and up to 2 bags at 75 grams each per month.  You will also be able to select from 2 Collections; Signature Collection and Herbal & Caffeine Free Collection.  Both are amazing and we’re confident that receiving your Tea of Month Club Teas every month will be something to really look forward to. Lastly, you can choose to be a member for a period of 6 months or 12 months.

So if you’re looking to treat yourself or buy that perfect gift for someone, our Tea of the Month Club program is perfect!  Stay tuned more details coming April 15th!

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About Steeped And Infused

It’s Tea Time! Steeped and Infused offers a premium selection of quality loose leaf teas and unique accessories. My name is Jennifer Best and I am the founder of Steeped and Infused. I have had the opportunity to combine my love for people and delivering exceptional customer service, my passion for tea and its health benefits, and a desire to be an entrepreneur to launch a tea shop that is welcoming, informative and offers an unparalleled tea experience. My personal challenges with my health four years ago introduced me to the world of tea and the many healing properties tea promotes. Having personally benefited from a lifestyle that includes a variety of quality loose leaf teas, I bring my passion, insight and commitment to health to customers at Steeped and Infused. On the blog you will also find information on various subjects related to tea, events hosted by Steeped and Infused and discussions that provide valuable information that we can all apply to our daily lives. I truly appreciate your support, welcome your comments and hope you enjoy the information shared. Sincerely, Jenn
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2 Responses to Sneak Preview of Tea of the Month Club

  1. terri says:

    Is the charge for the Tea of the Month (ie 34.95) for the whole (6 month) period or is that the charge per month?

    It is not clear on the order page.


  2. Hi Terri,
    The price for each option s(ie $34.99) is for the entire period of 6 months. Each option is a different price and then the price is factored on whether it is for 6 month or for a year.

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