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Can kids drink tea?  Absolutely!!  Children have been hosting their very own tea parties for years.  Many children actually do like the taste of black teas and/or green teas and depending on whether they consume any caffeine in their diets or not is purely up to their parents.  FYI, if they drink sodas and eat candy bars, there’s generally more caffeine in those than found in teas and loads of sugar.

However, there are some great herbal infusions and fruit tisanes that are naturally caffeine free, full of vitamins and minerals and taste great.  One example would be Rooibos.  Rooibos is a herb that grows in South Africa, is naturally caffeine free, full of vitamins and minerals (especially minerals) and has a nice natural sweetness to it.  We offer a variety of different blends that can be used as iced teas, tea lattes, or a nice cup of hot tea.

Below are 2 recipes to try with Rooibos tea.

Blueberry Punch:

  • Make 3/4 pitcher of Rooibos Canadian Blueberry Iced Tea.
  • Fill remaining 1/4 pitcher with organic apple juice.  Served chilled with a couple blueberries.

For iced tea steeping instructions, read our post with the how to here: /wordpress/iced-tea-steeping-instructions/

Chocolate Supreme Latte:

  • Use 3 teaspoons of Rooibos Chocolate Supreme per cup.
  • Froth or heat up milk of your choice on the stove top.  We recommend almond, coconut or rice milk.
  • Pour warm milk over tea leaves and let steep for 5 minutes.  Add stevia, maple syrup or a 1/4 teaspoon of organic vanilla to sweeten if desired.

To learn more on how to make tea lattes, read our post with the how to here: /wordpress/tea-lattes/

These are just 2 of many different drinks you can try with your kids.  Allow yourself to be creative and have some fun with it.  Get the kids involved and play around with flavours and different ingredients such as cocoa for hot drinks and lemonade for cold drinks.



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